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Steel structure enterprises: pay special attention to broadband salary

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broadband salary design and application background

Modern management theory is constantly innovating and introducing at an unprecedented speed. Under the background of Chinese characteristic society, along with the help of management consulting, it is gradually mature in china. Chinese enterprise continuous application and verification of the latest management theory, on the one hand, greatly improves the China enterprise management level. but also bring great danger to the part of the enterprise, the steel structure enterprises (including shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing enterprises, the same below) of the broadband compensation may is one of a class of time bomb.

The reasons for the present situation exist at least in:

1)Steel structure enterprises screening, and improve digestion ability; management of steel structure enterprise itself is relatively weak, lack the ability to judge understanding of management reform and design, reliable cannot foresee problems that may arise; once accepted the new management method, but also the lack of ability of continuous improvement in the the problem.

2)May refer to the lack of practice; because of the reason 1), therefore, Chinese enterprises attach great importance to the consulting practice background of consulting institutions in the same industry. But whether it is a consulting giant with an international background and a wide range of domestic experience, or a local advisory body based on domestic combat, or a school of academic excellence, there is no guarantee of success.

3)Consultant / Consultant of the vision, ability and responsibility; consultancy is a large because of the huge brand appeal, mature database or knowledge accumulation, strong financial strength and a consultant to mature and wise advice, do not feel from the customer experience and market share pressure pattern can make a conservative scheme a high level, but also can use the information asymmetry between consultants and clients, customers successfully passed the inspection, and to accelerate projects become the main incentive way of consultants / institutions quickly type hasty design; smaller companies tend to focus on the customer experience, there is not enough research and development ability, the accumulation of knowledge, the most important avoid the impetuous of short-sighted and superficial design.

How to design and apply broadband salary

Broadband compensation theory because of its good, suitable for a considerable part of having narrow channels, channel occupation occupation promotion ladder is not specification or absence in the domestic, abroad beginning organization salary to solve problem in flat. Based on the practice of enterprises, this paper expounds the concept, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of broadband compensation from the two levels of theory and practice. The so-called "broadband salary design", is the enterprise the original two, thirty or even forty or fifty salary grades compressed into several levels, but will each pay level salary floating range widening, thus forming a kind of new salary management system and operation process. We believe that broadband compensation is more suitable for steel structure enterprise R & D designers, other functional personnel may not apply. The application of broadband pay in steel structure enterprises should also link up with the career development channel construction of enterprise employees to overcome the inherent disadvantages of broadband compensation. In the Chinese traditional salary system, fixed position, personnel salary has become an unwritten rule, in order to break the original wage level, only promotions, such a direct malpractice is in a fixed position, employees do better, is not likely to get the raise greatly, only the only reward in the form of bonuses subsidies. After joining the WTO, talent competition has become the most intense competition, and talent competition is an important bargaining chip salary, how to do? Many companies found that after adopting the broadband salary system, the salary system, can maximally mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.  The salary system will return the original multiple positions vary were roughly classified, each pay the same, so that the same level of wages of staff categories increased, some subordinates can even enjoy the same salary and charge compensation, floating rate increase, with strong incentive effect. The industry believes that this compensation mode of breaking the administrative position and salary, is conducive to the development of occupation management improvement, the establishment of a collective cohesion, to adapt to the objective reality of flat organization caused by reduced chance of promotion. The so-called "broadband pay", its essence is from the original emphasis on post compensation into pay attention to performance pay. The original is what kind of salary in what kind of position, change of the post salary change, more attention is paid to the concept of post; now, the use of broadband pay, pay more attention to the concept of performance, the rank reduced, many jobs were classified into the same ranks, bandwidth widening, staff salaries are lifting amplitude more flexible. A direct consequence of this is that a capable salesman may earn more than the marketing manager, and the salary of an ordinary technician may make a senior engineer speechless.   The transformation of traditional promotion: don't diligence in traditional salary system, the salary is often matched with a person in an organization's administrative status or administrative level, such a person as an organization in the higher position, then he can get the wages and welfare bonuses will be even more unfortunately, if the employee has been in a high level position, so he never could get too high wages, whether he is in his job very well. Motivated by such a salary system, employees are motivated to do whatever it takes to "climb", regardless of whether or not he eventually climbs up to the right post. At the same time, enterprises also wishful thinking that, at a low level job for the good staff, in a high level position will do well, so the promotion has become a most important incentive way of many enterprises for outstanding employees. Management expert Lawrence Peter published in 1969 of the "Peter principle" in the book, once warned, in a variety of businesses and other organizations there is a general staff will be promoted to a general tendency to position up his incompetence. Once the employees at a low level job well, the enterprise will promote to a higher level position, until after the upgrade to one of his employees are not competent job, enterprises will stop on a staff promotion.The result, this person would have to drop a rank, he may be a very good employee, but now he had to stay at a level of incompetence but is high position, and in this position has been to retirement consumption. This situation for both enterprises and employees undoubtedly is not good, the staff is incompetent, can not find the joy of work, to realize their own value, often performing in large performance under pressure, or depressed mood, and even some people will be promoted to leave by enterprises. For enterprises, the staff was not appropriate to a promotion to the level of their incompetence, on the one hand so that they got a crappy new managers, on the other hand, they also lost a qualified employees, lower level positions so that enterprises is the victim inappropriate promotion. Unfortunately, however, the traditional salary system and the traditional philosophy of promotion for excellent employees make it a common occurrence in our lives. Disadvantages: promotion difficulties, stability, poor performance, high demand, any new things are a double-edged sword, seen broadband pay so many advantages later, naturally has its shortcomings. The disadvantages of broadband pay may be related to performance management. Because the evaluation of broadband salary comes mainly from the employees of the company's performance, performance management has become an important aspect of corporate management, if performance management do not in place, change jobs in particular, the use of broadband pay in such circumstances, staff wages floating ups and downs, will cause a strong sense of instability to the employee's psychological, and the lack of a sense of belonging to the company. At the same time, if the performance management is not in place, staff salaries fell, and employees think they work hard, he will make the management of impartiality, fairness, reasonableness of suspicion, and other unhealthy emotions, extremely easy to cause the company, between the upper and lower levels, the same thing between interpersonal tensions, of course. This tension is not due to broadband pay, but the consequences of performance management. The promotion of broadband salary design will make promotion a difficult thing. For example, in a company with a total of 9 ranks, the original ranks of sixth ranks of staff, to upgrade to the seventh ranks will be a very difficult matter. The traditional salary system due to post rank, so employees to a rank would be easier, and now may be the phenomenon is that employee life might only move in a rank, but not promoted to another level. Because of rising rank for employees is a very strong incentive, but after the use of broadband pay, there will be only a change of salary without promotion, maybe it will be a lot of things to make employees feel depressed. For domestic enterprises, we can solve the problem of "incentive retreat" caused by too little promotion ladder through the construction of internal titles or job segmentation. The biggest difference between this approach and job promotion is whether promotions lead to increased responsibilities or increased power.