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CE certification of steel structure EN1090 introduction

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EN1090 is the standard for steel structures under the CE certification code for building materials CPR. The standard began at 01/09/2012, and the old standard of 01/07/2014 was completely abolished, and EN1090 began enforcing it.The European Union stipulates that, after the 01/07/2014, all steel structures entering the EU market have to get the EN1090 certificate before they are allowed to sell in the EU market.

There are three parts to the standard:

EN 1090-1: 2009+A1:2011(steel and aluminium structures -- Part 1: basic requirements for conformity assessment of structural components) (instruction standard)

EN 1090-2: 2008(steel and aluminium structures - Part second: technical requirements for steel structures) (non directive standards)

EN 1090-3: 2008(steel and aluminium structures - Part third: technical requirements for aluminium structures) (non directive standards)

EN1090 Certification points

EN1090 Certification is a review of the steel structure enterprise system. Mainly assess the quality control capability of enterprise.It mainly includes welding personnel qualification, material certificate.quality control document, establishment of welding system and product inspection.

The main points of general certification are as follows:

a.Establish factory production control system FPC; referenceEN 1090-1, 6.3, P19;

b.Select execution level EX1~4; Reference resources EN 1090-2, A.3, P 107;

c.Material certificate validation;Reference resources EN 1090-2, 5, P25,

d.Establish welding system;Reference resources EN 1090-1, Table B.1, P26;

e.Determination of product performance parameters;Reference resources EN 1090-1, ZA.1, P30;

f. Sign in conformity with,Use the CE tag.

FPC audit points

1. General requirements in ISO9001 documents based on the factory management system, to ensure the consistent performance parameters of.FPC system products and manufacturers market declaration should include procedures, inspection procedures, product testing, sampling and verification record.The test results are used to control the quality of products, production process documents, production flow chart。

2. welder certificate in accordance with EU standards and certificate of welding operator

3. equipment weighing equipment, inspection equipment, measurement and calibration of test equipment. Procedure document control

4.structural design, process evaluation, design, calculation, assessment, in line with European standards

5. constitute material (raw material), material certificate or material document, such as 3.1 certificate, 2.2 documents (inside the factory) or 3.2 certificate issued by third parties.

6. material specifications, basic performance requirements. basic performance verification, records

7. final product inspection

8. process of nonconforming product

9. Provide type test reports within the factory, which can be carried out in the factory or in the third party laboratory.

10. welding system qualification certificate includes welding process (WPQR/WPAR), parent material, implementation level, standard. Provide welder manual, etc..